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Mobile Phone Sites

New Old Phones –

NOP lobo

This site is dedicated to the most famous mobile phone brand – Nokia. New Old Phones is for all Nokia fans, for those who like the design of these now already vintage phones, for those who would like to buy a Nokia phone and want to know what a genuine original Nokia phone looks like, it is also for those who dislike being watched by a modern smartphone. On their website you’ll find only genuine Nokia phones, which have now become more and more difficult to recognise amongst all a number of Chinese fakes on the market.

Vintage Telephone Resources

Mike’s Vintage Telephones –

The most comprehensive resource of payphones on the web. Mike has many different types and ages of phones in his collection but mainly focuses on Payphones, Pay Stations and Coin Collectors. The site features a 25-year collection of antique and vintage payphones. Many types including early & rare telephones spanning from the late 1800s through the 1970s are part of the collection made by companies such as Western Electric, Gray and more.

Abdy Antique Telephones –

Abdy Antique Telephones restore and sell top quality, vintage telephones. Family owned, they buy, sell, repair, convert, renovate & service genuine British GPO telephones (1915 to 1986).

Old Vintage Telephones

Vintage 746 telephones from the 1970s and 1980s

Playthings of the past –

Vintage Radios, Tubes, Parts, Literature based in Medina, Ohio.

Soniarus Vintage Telephones –—

From a workshop in the Welsh mountains, Soniarus repair, restore and convert many different types of vintage/antique telephones from the iconic 100 & 200 series candlestick and pyramid style of the 20’s and 30’s, through the austere 300 series of the 40’s and 50’s, to the classic 700 series of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Matilo Antique Phones – 

Arwin collects and restores antique and vintage telephones. He primarily collect rotary dial telephones. Arwin enjoys all kinds of prewar phones from Holland made for PTT and by all kinds of manufacturers like Siemens & Halske and Ericcson.

BT Telephone Exchanges in the UK –

All things BT with a huge library of photographs taken across the UK of Exchanges, vehicles and more.

Bob’s Telephone File –

A historical website about UK Customer Telephone Apparatus & Systems

Inland Marine Radio History Archive –

Collecting, preserving and presenting the history of radio’s use on the Great Lakes and Mississippi River system

Vintage 746 telephones from the 1970’s and 1980’s –

Museums and Associations

The Antique Wireless Association –

The Antique Wireless Association was started in 1952 by Bruce Kelley, George Batterson, and Linc Cundall – amateur radio operators and radio collectors from upstate New York. Their initial goal was to collect and preserve early wireless and radio equipment and historical information before it was lost to future generations. The AWA now has over 2,100 international members, is chartered as a non-profit organization in New York State, an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, and is a member of the American Association of Museums.

Western Australian Historic Telecommunications Society –

WAHTS is the WA sub-branch of the Melbourne based Australian Historic Telephone Society (AHTS). They are a small but enthusiastic group of collectors of antique and vintage telephones and related memorabilia. Members’ interests include preserving local telecommunications history, collecting antique, vintage and retro telephones, restoring degraded telephones and also buying and selling collectable phones. A key member also runs the website designed for historic telephony enthusiasts/collectors.

JKL Museum –

The JKL Museum is a collection dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of telephony. The rebuilt collection includes telephones and related equipment from all over the world, dating from the late 1870s to the 1980s.

 Australasian Telephone Collectors Society Inc. –

Telecommunications and Sound Collecting Society based in New South Wales, A.C.T. and Queensland, Australia. There is information about the hobbies of Telephone and Sound Equipment Collecting as well as articles on history, important people, restoration as well as particular telephones and pieces of sound equipment.

Sound and Telecommunications Association Australasia (STAA) –

The Sound and Telecommunications Association Australasia (STAA) was formed in 2016 to oversee the operations of several hobby groups in Australia and New Zealand concerned with the collecting, preservation and history of sound and telecommunications equipment.

Sveriges Telehistoriska SamlarFörening –

Sveriges Telehistoriska Samlarforening is an association with the aim of spread historical telecommunications information, increase members’ knowledge of telecommunications history, support the interest in the collection of antique telecommunications objects and hold member meetings in their native Sweden.

Atea Museum –

A history of the Antwerp Telephone and Electrical Works.

Radios and Other Forms of Communication

Richards Radios –

A collection of old and antique radios and test equipment